The joy of Powerline with TP-Link

TP-Link provides some nice affordable sets to extend the local network via Powerline.

14.10.2023 路 3 min 路 Paul Puschmann

Puschmann's Law

Any organisation that designs a system will produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organisation鈥檚 internal accounting structure.

05.06.2023 路 1 min 路 Paul Puschmann

Bootstrapping and Automation of Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi machines can get bootstrapped very nicely to have wifi and ssh configured without manual intervention.

20.11.2022 路 5 min 路 Paul Puschmann

How I fixed an Acer Aspire 7551G

How I fixed an Acer Aspire 7551G laptop that showed no screen output, did not beep and showed no reaction to any key pressed.

19.08.2021 路 1 min 路 Paul Puschmann

Aggregate PostgreSQL log-events with Logstash

Some information in PostgreSQL log-events are split over multiple loglines belonging to one (virtual-)transaction-id. While inspecting the log-events in a tool like Kibana (ELK-Stack) it could be handy to have the information of one transaction in one log-event.

25.03.2021 路 4 min 路 Paul Puschmann

Manipulating Terraform

With the changes in the upcomming Terraform 0.12 we decided to take a step back and give the code a fresh start while keeping the infrastructure itself up and running. Our goals were: to have understandable code, to be able to do changes to configuration and to actually own the code as a team and share the responsibility.

29.12.2019 路 10 min 路 Paul Puschmann

Infrastructure for Badminton matches

The local Badminton club 1. BC Wipperfeld had high ambitions over the last years that really payed off. The main goal was to reach the highest German league and stay there. This is not only a matter of hard training, playing good Badminton and winning matches.

17.12.2019 路 5 min 路 Paul Puschmann

Packer vs. VirtualBox

Fiddling around with Packer and VirtualBox I stumbled about some weird error that prevented me for some time to further use Packer with VirtualBox.

28.05.2019 路 3 min 路 Paul Puschmann